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Get Involved 

At IWPG, we believe that collective action drives innovation, promotes sustainable practices, and shapes the future of wood protection. We invite you to become an active participant in our mission. There are several ways you can “Get Involved” and make a meaningful contribution to the wood protection industry.

Wall of Wood -- Vancouver Convention Centre | Get involved

1. Volunteer Opportunities

Are you passionate about wood preservation, sustainability, or research in this field? Consider volunteering with IWPG. We offer a range of volunteer opportunities, from assisting with educational initiatives to participating in industry events. Your expertise and dedication can play a pivotal role in advancing our cause.

2. Sponsorship and Partnership

Collaboration is key to driving progress. If your organization shares our commitment to wood protection, consider partnering with IWPG. Your sponsorship or partnership can support research projects, educational programs, and industry-wide initiatives. Together, we can create a more sustainable and innovative future for wood.

3. Industry Collaboration

The wood protection industry thrives on collaboration. By actively engaging with IWPG and fellow industry professionals, you can exchange knowledge, best practices, and insights. Join our industry forums, attend conferences, and participate in workshops to stay updated on the latest developments.

4. Careers in Wood Protection

For individuals seeking a career in wood protection, IWPG offers valuable resources. Explore job opportunities, internships, and educational programs in collaboration with our industry partners. Launch or advance your career in a field that combines innovation, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

5. Share Your Expertise

Your knowledge and experience matter. Consider sharing your expertise with the wood protection community through speaking engagements, workshops, or contributing articles to our publications. Your insights can inspire and educate others in the industry.

Making a Difference Together

At IWPG, we believe that every contribution counts. Whether you’re an industry veteran, a student, an organization, or an enthusiast, your involvement can shape the future of wood protection. Together, we can drive sustainability, innovation, and responsible practices within the industry.

How to Get Started

Getting involved with IWPG is easy. Simply reach out to our team and we’ll guide you on the best ways to contribute. Whether you’re volunteering, partnering, or attending industry events, we’re here to help you take the first step toward active participation.

Join Us in Transforming Wood Protection

In general, by choosing to “Get Involved” with IWPG, you become a part of a global community dedicated to advancing wood protection. Together, we can ensure that wood remains a sustainable and indispensable resource for generations to come. Join us today and be a catalyst for positive change in the wood protection industry.